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Design Work Jobs as per your requirements: Some AC’s may not fit your space or design of your interiors so make it possible, we customize the color and design as per the client’s budget so that it suits as per his needs. Through our regular maintenance, everything is up to the mark.

• Ventilation system:

We offer traditional HVAC solutions and advanced solutions for industry specific. Ventilation is mainly used for air exchange to the outside space as well as circulation of air inside the building. It varies from the array of technology ranging from ventilation ducts and Air handling Units ( AHUs ) to high-end clean room solutions and industrial air handling. Air conditioning mainly refers in creating comfortable indoor conditions wherein altering the air humidity and temperature. We provide efficient ventilation technology with a comfortable indoor climate which in creates the modern building services. We have extensive range of expertise and references in this area.

We have installed ventilation system in all types of buildings

  • Office Buildings
  • Hotel Parking’s
  • Shopping malls
  • Educational Institution
  • Industrial setting and Production Plants
  • Laboratory

Once the installation is done, our team checks the system so that the quality of work done is at professional level.

To Provide Optimum performance:

  • All Windows and Doors should be shut.
  • Draw the curtains / blinds.
  • Comfort temperature of Human is between 23°C - 25°C.
  • An average of 1 - 2 hours is required to cool a room.
  • Air inlets and outlets of the indoor unit and outdoor unit should not be blocked.